The IQ3D is designed for the sportsman drag racer looking for a compact, all-in-one solution. It combines the look and feel of our popular IQ3 dash with a robust, built-in data logger. The IQ3 Logger Dash mergest Racepak's V-Net single cable sensor technology and with a fully programmable display, creating a complete data center. The full feature dash includes an internal 42 sensor channel data logger, beacon receiver and wheel speed sensor. No sensor wiring harness is required, as all external sensor data is router to the rear of the dash by a single V-Net cable.; The datalink II software included with tie QI23 dash provides professional-level data analysis capabilities, but in an easy to learn format.


  • Channels: 11 Total - 6 V-Net digital/analog - 5 internal
  • Sample Rate: V-Net records data up to 100 frames per second
  • Memory: up to 16gb microSD card
  • 6 external V-Net sensor inputs with optional high speed logging modules
  • Displays up to 28 inputs via 4 pages of microSD Memory.
  • Blue Backlight for a stylish look.
  • Gear Indicator
  • Eight user definable alarms with on screen warning text and lights
  • User defined 5 character sensor input names
  • User defined shift points
  • Shielded, low glare display for sunlight viewing
  • Metric and English units for multiple display options.


SKU: 250-DS-IQ3D
    • Wiring harness (includes 2 programming buttons)
    • Driveshaft Sensor (Please note: Drive Shaft collar sold separately)
    • Oil Pressure Sensor
    • Water Temperature Sensor
    • USB programming cable
    • Racepak Datalink II software
    • MicroSD card & reader